h1. UA2WEB public API modules

  • DjHDGutils

    • db_dump - Dump current django database, restore from latest sql dump
    • dbup - simple, but reliable Django migrations. Recommended for production use. (outdated, use DjHDGutils.PatchManager instead)
    • mongo - dump & restore mongo db.
    • sync_redmine_wiki - maintain per-project documentation in Redmine Wiki
  • DjHDGutils.PatchManager

    • patch - new generation of simple & reliable Django migrations system.
  • hdg

    • softadmin - build custom /admin table data interfaces easily
    • MD5Storage - replacement for Django ImageFile to use MD5 file storage

h2. DevOps

h2. Other tips & tricks

h2. Tips and tricks

h2. Development procedures

h2. Work related

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