Using ansible

Ansible is a software to perform automated updates and configuration management on remote servers over SSH.

The site is:

How we are using ansible? For every project, there is file doc/ssh_config.txt which is a part of standard
/.ssh/config file related to project, contained server aliases.

To transfer those aliases into Ansible ‘hosts’ file format, use the supplied Python program.

There is admin project within UA2WEB which contains all different project groups into one file, the
repository is accessible from:

  • hg clone ssh://root@secure/ansible

This also includes Playbook scenarios to perform various support tasks.

Some examples of using it:

Check GLSA:

ansible ua2web -u root -a "glsa-check -l -q"

Check if any of UA2WEB servers needs system update:

ansible ua2web -u root -a "emerge -up system"

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